You might bit curious, Who is behind the infohgrafik?  Why I do it? Why I publish this Infography Blog?

Great! Respect your concern.

I am not an Infographics Designer nor a graphic designer but love art, design & photography. Mostly work as a self-employed web designer & little bit expert in SEO, my hands seem to have become always attached to my keyboard. You will see, there are some opinionated articles here and they do not necessarily reflect the entire stand and opinion of the site. This site is made up of pool of hardworking editors with individual differences. But despite of the individual differences, they are dedicated to achieve one specific goal: To help other by giving best service.

I Love to travel ancient places so far.  I feel more obligated to keep going and records what I find as a personal resource than anything else. This way I inspired to do publicize the creativity & keep it together in one platform. Anyways now it’s live finally and slowly taking shape. This is my project and will be here for decades. I want to take this to new heights with your help. I am sure, you will agree, that Infographics is an amazing way to share useful information and also make it interesting. Infohgrafik helping to make you smarter every day.

Best Regards