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Do you have awesome infographic you would like to share with the millions by us? Then please submit using the form and I will take a look. has an active community of readers who enjoying about the graphics we feature. I am always looking for new infographics to feature on this blog so if you have one that you are trying to promote or you just think is awesome, If the infographic you submit is up to scratch then you can expect to see it on this blog within a couple of days. Submitting your blog is easy and you will be listed in our directory within 24-48hrs if your blog is approved. My team member has been dedicated to reviewing, categorizing and listing the infographic blogs. We only accept infographics that meet our guidelines and offer value to our readership. We take great response in maintaining all submission in a best way!

We don’t offer any paid submission. So submit wisely.


Submission Guidelines

  1. Infographics should be 800*1200 pixels in PNG/jpeg format.
  2. Please be aware to mention the Blog Title, URL, Category, Author Name, and Valid Email Address. (We do not give away this email address. It is only used to send notification if your site is accepted)
  3. The title must include the official name of your website or company.
  4. Submit an fresh article along with an infographics minimum 300-500 word. You can put only one “anchor” text in your article too.
  5. The description must be objective, written in complete sentences and correct punctuation.
  6. Find the most appropriate category for your website. Go as deep as possible in subcategories.
  7. Submission to an unsuitable category will be declined or moved.
  8. Submit non-English websites to the most relevant category for your country.
  9. The final decision of category choice will be made by our editor!


General Rules

  • Do not submit mirror sites or doorway pages.
  • Do not submit a website that redirects to another URL, or websites that are “Under Construction”.
  • Do not submit websites with porn, illegal, violent, discriminating or racialist content or links.
  • Do not submit a website that contains mostly affiliate links or excessive advertising.
  • We reserve the right to add, move, modify or delete listings without notice.
  • We reserve the right to remove a website if the content changes significant, or the site is down respectively unusable.
  • We reserve the right to remove a website or add a “nofollow”-Tag if the website is banned or penalized.
  • Submitted sites must be accessible for free, without password requirement, and must have a clear identifiable content.
  • Subpages and subdomains are allowed.
  • Do not use capitals in domain names.


What you get!

  • SEO optimized for every article with infographic.
  • RSS feed
  • You will get an SEO friendly link to your infographics page (author URL).
  • Each post also published in popular social Media Network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Delicious etc. too.
  • Your infographics can help in getting traffic to your site.
  • You can use your infographics poster for branding promotion.
  • In addition a bunch of submitted infographics review will be published in our YouTube channel, where we also mention your site.


What you do for us!

  • Very simple…you just put a SEO friendly link from your site to us! HTML Tags and attributes below.
  • Without this code your submission will not granted to our site. infohgrafik volunteers do visit each site submitted, and finding the best topic helps us process suggestions quickly.


Before to Submit
Please add a short HTML Tags and attributes in footer/sidebar/post of your website. Submission will not be posted without embed code.

Embed Code

<a href=””>SUBMIT INPHOGRAPHY</a> 

Go ahead, let your infographics poster connecting your creativity!

You may submit Infographics by filling in this form any time you need professional support for your websites. We will email you when your infographic is live.


This is a Human and Manual Edited Directory so please do not waste your time submitting spam websites. Also before you submit your website make sure each page of the Website you are submitting is working seamless and no part of the website is under construction.