Organic traffic generates revenue and loyal customer base for any business. There are many SEO strategies that you can implement You could have an amazing product but it can generate sales online when you use tools and strategies to increase traffic online. You need users who visit your website to click on your content and share it. You have to create informative and engaging content that is shareable and gives you clicks.

Here Are the 11 Ways to grow your online traffic organically

Blog regularly and consistently

Blogging is one of the simplest ways to generate organic traffic. Do a keyword search and use relevant keyword phrases to blog about your business and products. A minimum of 3 blog posts per week is a good start to generate organic traffic to your website. Within 6 months of consistent blogging, you can achieve better results of organic traffic. Implement SEO strategies for blogging and gain viewership and traffic within the short span of time.

Guest blogging is one of the simplest ways to gain organic traffic. You can post comments and blogs on popular blogs and gain traffic from guest blogging. Choose reputable sites to guest post and publish your posts on those sites. As a bargain of guest posting, you can boost the branding position of your business and gain traffic.

You can also allow guest posting on your site apart from posting on reputed sites. Always post and accept original content to get indexed and beckon more traffic. Since, low-quality guest blogging is always tracked and captured by Google, stay in the good books of Google by focusing on quality.

Use paid search and social media advertising

Apart from Facebook, there are various social media platforms and online directories where you can advertise content and blogs. Display ads on blogs and websites and attract users. This is one of the ways to reach the targeted audience. You can build your brand, reach targeted users and convert users into loyal patrons. Set clear goals before you use paid search options for increasing organic traffic.

Create your own Facebook page and group. Post in numerous pages and groups relevant to your business. Get the word out through consistent posting and generating original content that is shareable. Use LinkedIn and Google+ groups to post your content.

Remarket on various social media platforms

Twitter and Facebook can be used to remarket and retarget your ads. Analyse how your ads and content are viewed using analytical tools. Optimize your content and ads based on these analyses and remarket the ads to the targeted audience. You can bring back users who have visited your site by implementing SEO and content marketing strategies and getting the visitors interested in your content. You must choose these tactics carefully so your remarketing tactics does not look like stalking or spam.

Create good headlines

Users have very less attention span. Choose good and catchy headlines that attract their attention and make the content clickable. Create new and fresh content, and optimize the existing content. Keep the length of the headline to 55 characters and create headlines that generate curiosity amongst the users.

Create content in variable lengths and formats

Vary the post length and create content in formats other than text. You can use videos, infographics, animation, and various formats to make the content interesting and engaging. Create content on any topic that is relevant to your business and tries not to deviate too much. Keep the content diverse yet relevant.

Promote your content via various sources

Use Reddit and other directories to promote content. Post frequently and use tools like Outbrain or Taboola. Use social media groups to promote your content. You can also create articles and share them on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

You can also submit your content to the forum and bookmarking sites. Do not expect to hit the jackpot overnight. Use these options consistently but do not spam these sites. Use Reddit websites cautiously and the post contains links that have the genuine formation.

Create courses and webinars

Online users have a thirst for learning. Create webinars and online courses that give the users to learn what you have to offer. This drives the traffic to your business. You will also get a loyal list of followers who are eager to learn what you have to offer

Create catching ads for email marketing for webinars and online courses so that many people register and attend webinars. Use tools of social media to promote webinars and online courses that you create.

Interview influencers and thought leaders

Take interviews of thought leaders in your industry and publish them on your websites, blogs, and social media. Draw attention to your business by interviewing influencers who bring value to your brand and your content. You can enhance your credibility and boost the standing of your brand by interviewing thought leaders and influencers. This also increases the traffic to your website. 

Optimize your website for voice and mobile search

More than 50% of the users search for information on their mobile phones. Optimize your website for mobile and voice search as well. Stay in sync with the latest technology so your website appears and loads correctly on all platforms. When you optimize your website for mobile and voice search, you are expanding the scope of users who can search for your products and business.

Mobile and voice search users who find trouble accessing your website on these platforms are not likely to return to view it. It is essential to keep the layout and content optimized so it loads on these platforms displaying information on your website with clarity.

Make use of AMP project by Google that helps you publish content and keeps it optimized for mobile users. AMP loads your websites speedily on mobile phones. The ads and content in various formats on your website loads easily on the mobile phones of users using this tool.

Since Siri and Google Assistant have their popularity growing, it is essential to optimize your website for voice search as well. Find out keyword and conversational phrases for voice search and make your website optimized for voice searches.

Create Podcasts and YouTube channels

Explore various streams of traffic by creating Podcasts and YouTube channel that give out valuable information to the users. An audio and video content that is well formatted and edited gets traffic. YouTube Advertisement is also an good way to gain traffic easily. Choose professionals to create video and podcasts and post them online to generate organic traffic. Use keywords in the text, and create a description with keywords that target the users from various demographics.

Post comments on blogs and websites

Choose reputed blogs and websites within the scope of your business and generate the following and organic traffic for your website.

Simple and free tools are available online to beckon traffic to your website. You have to be consistent and original in posting your content to be able to generate consistent traffic over a period of time.

Closing Words

I Hope this article added some value to your business and which help you to grow your business. Don’t just sit free and start growing your online traffic organically with the help of these points mentioned above. These points were enough to grow your online traffic organically. Get started growing your online traffic organically today and start growing your business.

What is your strategy to grow your online traffic organically, Write down in the comments below! traffic generates revenue and loyal customer base for any business. There are many SEO strategies that you can implement You could have an amazing product but it can generate sales online when you use tools and strategies to increase traffic online. You need users who visit your website...Connect Visually
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